Styrotech Corporation’s Quality Policy is focused first and foremost to the protection of the environment. It believes that we are equally responsible to preserve and sustain this God’s creation. The Quality Policy is also centered on its people, who make Quality. Its belief is that Quality People, a Quality Environment, a Quality System and a Quality Culture will yield Quality Products.

Safety of our people is also a number one focus of the company. The Safety Policy of Styrotech Corporation focuses on the improvement and maintenance of its Occupational, health and Safety practices, and that Safety is a shared responsibility between the Corporation ad its employees. It also believes as mentioned in the Safety Policy “ Let us exert every effort needed to make safety consciousness primary concern to everyone.”

Quality Policy
Styrotech Corporation

With a clear vision and full commitment to protect the environment, be the safest and best packaging producer, Styrotech Corporation was established. We realized that the Vision can only be achieved by our maximum effort to satisfy our customer.

Our Mission is to provide the highest Quality Packaging Products and services that conform to customer’s requirements. With the most effective and efficient composition of advance technology and Human expertise, we are confident that we are able to serve our customer’s needs. Continual improvement in all aspects of the company operation will be our focus to achieve Customer Satisfaction.

In the ongoing effort to better serve our many faithful customers, we are committed to the following principles:
  • We will maintain a healthy, safe and pleasant working environment for our nation, our company and for every employee;
  • We will continually improve our products and services by setting aggressive goals for ourselves at all levels of our organization;
  • We will continually review the effectiveness of our Quality System to ensure high Quality, good service and Low Costs;
  • We will always endeavor to provide the best overall value for our customers;
  • We will optimize every human potential through Human Resources Development Programs and we will treat our employees with respect and dignity.
Safety Policy
Styrotech Corporation

Styrotech Corporation regards safety as basic to the prudent management of its human resources and physical assets to establish, enhance and maintain a safe and healthy work environment conducive to greater productivity.

The Corporation is committed to continually improve its occupational and safety and health management systems and comply with all relevant safety legislation and requirements to prevent accident resulting in personal injury, damage to property and operational disruption. Safety is a shared responsibility between the Corporation and its employees. By the same token, the benefits are mutual.

All managers, supervisors, and employees are enjoined to ensure that safety programs and practices are in place in their areas of responsibility. Let us exert every effort needed to make safety consciousness primary concern to everyone.

Environmental Policy
Styrotech Corporation

Styrotech Corporation is committed to understanding and minimizing any adverse environmental impacts of our manufacturing activities, while continuing to meet the expectations of our consumers for quality and service, and to providing a safe working environment for employees.

We believe that all Styrotech employees and everyone associated with the Company have an important role to play in achieving our environmental goals.

We aim, therefore, to provide our people with the necessary tools to enable their full involvement.

To this end, we will:
  • Aim to achieve a level of environmental performance which goes beyond that required for regulatory compliance.
  • Include environmental considerations in our business plan to ensure that environmental management remains an integral part of our operations.
  • Implement and maintain a structured environment management system which is based on continual improvement and is regularly reviewed to ensure it remains relevant to our operations.
  • Encourage and equip our employees to identify and act upon opportunities to minimize any adverse environmental impacts and issues.
  • Identify and implement ways to improve the efficiency with which we use resources including energy, chemicals, water, packaging, and other raw materials.
  • Reduce, Reuse and Recycle our on site wastes wherever practicable and ensure that we dispose of our wastes safely and with minimal impact.
  • Expect our suppliers and contractors to meet the same high environmental standards we impose on ourselves