Polystyrene post consumer waste, in the form of food trays, cups, plates, and protective packaging items are being recovered for recycling from numerous locations in Metro Manila and suburban areas. The program has now extended to schools located within the area of such pick-up. In 1997, PPCP formally launched the Makati City Plastic Waste Segregation and Recycling Program for commercial centers. The program is a joint collaboration of the Ayala Foundation, the Ayala Group of Companies and the local government units of Barangay San Lorenzo. This program is made possible through the assistance of the multilateral fund of the World Bank called the Brown environmental fund or "Brown Fund" to be used
for information dissemination and education campaign. PPCP provides the infrastructure for the recovery of segregated trash and the recycling facility. This project was implemented by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources under the Metropolitan Environmental Development Program.

After the materials are collected and delivered to the recycling plant, it is sorted and melted into lumps. The lumps are currently exported to factories in other asian countries to produce items with recycled content, such as electronic video cassette cases, office supplies, and other household supplies.